Ride like Tony Stark with Livemap HUD helmet

May 07, 2016

Will Your Next Motorcycle Helmet Have a Heads-Up Display?

livemap hud h  Ride like Tony Stark with Livemap HUD helmet

Picture a heads-up display inside a helmet and you probably imagine something like the one from Iron Man. But most consumer products—snowboard goggles, Google Glass, etc—instead have a tiny micro display housed at the edge of your peripheral vision. It’s less of an information overlay and more of an extra screen that you struggle to see. Its this disparity that Russian tech entrepreneur Andrew Artischev is trying to remedy with his new LiveMap motorcycle helmet. We got to try an early prototype, and are excited to report that it genuinely made us feel like Tony Stark.

Artischev’s background is in apps, not optics. He was inspired to create a HUD motorcycle helmet after scouring bike shops in Moscow for what he was sure must exist, but that he couldn’t find. He knew that giving motorcyclists easier access to information about navigation, speed, and the performance of their bikes made sense. He just needed to figure out how to pack all that data, plus a display, into a skid lid.

Read Full Review 2nd generation prototype Livemap helmet

News about new Aspheric prototype.

April 03, 2015

One is a lens that is still in process and another is packaged and ready to ship. The one in the package is done and coated and ready to go to our office and the other has been polished and is ready to be cut into the final shape. We have a few of the lenses done and the others are in the final steps.

1957832 10152901624629215 6046409524024062955 o 768x1024 News about new Aspheric prototype. 10668901 10152901624624215 2651674045146327432 o 768x1024 News about new Aspheric prototype.

Official answer to the question about copy-cats Nuviz & Skully.

December 29, 2014

The 1-st answer, about clone Skully AR1.

In many interviews the CEO, Markus, said, that he is the innovator & invented the idea of the 1st Heads Up Display for bikers. This isn’t true…Markus invented the Skully AR1 product, after he watched our 1st demo-video. If you need confirmation, you can check when the domain names Skully, Livemap, the Facebook groups and the patents were registered and see the difference of many years

Creation Date: 2009-05-14

Creation Date: 02-may-2014

YouTube channel:Livemap
Creation Date:16-April-2013

YouTube channel:Skully
Creation Date: 16-August-2013

1st video Reel Livemap
Public 10 June 2013

1st video reel  Skully helmet
Public 17 October 2013

What do you think of a CEO, who lies everyday in different interviews? Is it normal business practice?  If it’s normal for him to lie, non-stop, to different journalists, maybe other areas should be examined too?

We believe that it’s a vaporware product based on the part of Google Glass. In the computer industry, vaporware is a product, typically computer hardware or software, that is announced to the general public but is never actually manufactured nor officially cancelled.

This product doesn’t have any perspective, because it’s only part of Google Glass & nothing else. The product called Skully AR1 is, simply speaking, like Google Glass put into a helmet. With all its disadvantages like a tiny screen, low saturation, contrast and resolution.

h Official answer to the question about copy cats Nuviz & Skully.

Skully helmet compared with Google glass in blue color. Did you see the difference? No – it’s only part of google glass.

It is also positioned in a way you have to alternately focus your eye between the road and the tiny screen. But refocussing is dangerous – you can’t see the road at this moment & your eyes working unnecessarily hard.

Skuly helmet need refocus Official answer to the question about copy cats Nuviz & Skully.

Do you need confirmation? Look this! This photo from Gizmodo Article about Skully.

The size of screen makes the whole idea of augmented reality impossible. We considered, in 2008, the idea of having a small screen in front of a user’s eye but put the idea aside because we thought it unsafe to have a lens or a screen so close to your face. It could hurt your eye in an accident.

We, on the contrary, beam the image right onto the visor and it has better resolution, lightness, saturation and overall image quality. Please see attached slide.

8 Official answer to the question about copy cats Nuviz & Skully.

In the upper part, you can see old generations with micro displays. It’s not safe! It’s dangerous! In case of an accident, a micro display (including the Skully helmet concept) can damage your eye !

IF you love your eyes, think about it…

Below you can see the F35 helmet with projection on the visor. Our motorhelmet is based on the same principle, without micro display. Projection it’s the only right solution!

9 Official answer to the question about copy cats Nuviz & Skully.

And there is still a need to shift your focus to the interface on micro display  from the road (which is also unsafe!). Yeah, it’s google glass work & Skully helmet.

10 Official answer to the question about copy cats Nuviz & Skully.


Our system is completely safe (without any micro displays in front of your eyes) and enables you to see both the interface and the road equally clearly

If anyone is still confused by a true HUD and the Skully version, here is an independent article about HUD in BMW cars, follow this link: Here This endorses our belief that HUD is the way forward!

About the rear-view camera Skully helmet. We abandoned the rear-view camera. People don’t need it. Why? Bikes have rear-view mirrors, and bike-riders use them and are used to them. We don’t think there is any benefit in re-training them to look at a smaller image instead. But, many incidents bikers have incidents on the road at front, that’s the reason why you need a camera at the front, not the rear.

2-nd answer about next copy-cat Nuviz.

 Official answer to the question about copy cats Nuviz & Skully.

It’s one way to kill the aerodynamics of a helmet if you will attach this device to the shell your helmet.

It WILL add buffeting, the helmet is no longer symmetrical, airflow will be uneven.

We told about it in different interviews, again and again. But people, geeks & journalists didn’t want to understand the logic, but after 1 year… the company has already failed.

(The second clone closed it’s business & refunded cash to customers…because high-tech business in hardware area is not the Field of Dreams, PR without the real product and real R&D work will always fail. We believe that the Scully team will be fail in the near future too).

Hello Backers,

Thank you for all of the positive feedback on our last update – we are genuinely moved by your continued support!

We are also grateful for the offers to hold onto your contributions, however, to avoid an administrative nightmare we have decided to reimburse the pledge amount for all Ride:HUDs at this point. The t-shirt’s you already received as part of your Ride:HUD pledge are on us.

Many of you had questions about the reimbursements process, so we wanted to clarify:

Amazon is legally required to refund the same credit card the backer used to place the order. Unfortunately they cannot refund any other cards.
If you still have that card no further action is required.
If your card has expired Amazon will refund the money to the issuing bank of that card.
If you have a new card with the same bank, your bank usually automatically reimburses the new card. If you no longer have an account with that bank, generally the bank will send you a check. In either of these circumstances Amazon recommends contacting your bank to make sure you receive the funds.
We know this process may be a little cumbersome for those of you who don’t have the same card anymore, but unfortunately it’s the only way for Amazon to get your money back to you.

Thank you for your understanding and please don’t hesitate to email us directly with any questions.

Your NUVIZ Team.

Source – KickStarter update.

2014 Year’ result in R&D, news about finance injection.

December 19, 2014

Do you want heard news about our product?

Did we tell you that we decided to switch to the more comfortable flip-up scheme & said about it in TechCrunch Hardware battlefield CES 2014? Yes, we did.

All 2014 year we are busy building the pre-production prototype of the new optics – tiny and effective. It’s a quite new approach based on aspherical elements. Specs and drawings cannot be disclosed yet until the patent application is approved. Otherwise we will not be able to obtain the patent in the USA and Europe according to the law.

We make serial version in aspheric optics to minimize volume & weight (1st variant in the video reel & our public plans based on the spherical optics, and it’s answer why 1st variant integral helmet have unusual size). A single aspheric lens can often replace a much more complex multi-lens system. The resulting device is smaller and lighter, and sometimes cheaper than the multi-lens design.

You can read about this in 2 links

Aspheric optics it’s very hard work in calculation & a lot of work to start mass production. I understand is hard to understanding & i have short example to show it – Many objectives Nikon/Tamron/Canon/Zeiss have only 1-2 aspheric lenses in objectives and other 4-7 spherical, but in our serial product all lenses will be aspheric with with ultra precision characteristics .

The other hard task in this work, to control cost serial optics, in 2014 year we made 5 absolutely different new designs (a few hundreds implementations in Zemax) optic system & downgrade costs for serial optics from a few thousands $ to a few hundred $ at this moment, aspheric optics is not cheaper (ask google, about price for objectives with aspheric lenses) & make aspheric design with good/normal costs for mass-market is a little crazy hard task.

We prepared our serial product at 720p picop engine (in the 1st prototype, you can see it in the video-reel, we already use 848×480 picop eniges). It’s will be “Retina” projection system. New optic system have higher resolution (2.2X more pixels than previous prototype) & have 3 times brighter than previous well-known 1st prototype & at the same time have only 30% volume from 1st optic prototype.

In order to provide this specifications, we have broken the theoretical limits in Aspheric optics & downgrade costs to produce aspheric optics with ultra precision characteristics.

The work was carried out by two science institutes in Russia together with optical glass melt company from Japan and worldwide market leader in aspheric optics (company from USA). Total number of engineers and opticians who worked on this work was more than 20 people from different countries.

Received results of our work are disruptive innovation in the aspheric optics industry, thats is the answer why Russian Ministry of Science support us and give us grant in December, the amount of 300 000 USD for R&D and for building revolutionary aspheric prototype.

PS We will present pre-serial prototype in the Spring 2015.
We will start sales final helmets in the Summer 2015 in the 1st market USA.

Source about grant.
Official website Russian Ministry of Science.

Feedback from a customer: Anthony Gonzales about Livemap motohelmet.

August 13, 2014

Hello Andrew, LiveMap

Would like to share with you my thoughts and why I choose LiveMap Helmet.
Currently I PILOT an 06 Hayabusa and a 2012 1199 Penigale S with a KALI NAZA carbon fiber helmet.

CAM00494 300x222 Feedback from a customer: Anthony Gonzales about Livemap motohelmet. IMG 0783 225x300 Feedback from a customer: Anthony Gonzales about Livemap motohelmet.

Riding with confidence with the right gear on I am able to minimize the distractions and avoid the ignorance of people in their little four-wheel worlds who for brief moments are merging without looking, adjusting stereos, drinking coffee and texting, or putting on makeup. Being that I commute 120 miles a day every day, I want to know that I am safe to make a move that will get me the hell out the way or be able to protect me if it is unavoidable.

Why did I choose Livemap Helmet? Because I want to be IRON MAN! “WINK….”

I began reading about live map from the badass helmets store and my interest in the design and technology grew like a hunger. I continued to search reading and viewing videos over and over looking at other products and I kept going back to LiveMap. WOW! WOW! HELL YEAH! WOW!

LIVEMAP is ahead of anyone that is attempting this helmet design, and a Modular Helmet? WHAT! that’s Amazing very, very, very COOL. If JARVIS is going to be the voice of the directions that would be completely insane? HUGE SMILE.

#1 reason why I choose A livemap Helmet. “ Family” I love coming home seeing my Wife and kids and with Livemap I can have the sense of security knowing that with a voice command away I can get Home / or stop by a grocerie store for milk. love those 60 mile milk runs. Smile!

#2Reason: Knowing those years of thought dedication to detail to develop unparalleled tech advancement in the helmet market.

#3 Reason: Taking an Idea and creating a Safety feature that will minimize distractions and get fellow motorcyclist to their destination or home to their family.

The Livemap Helmet from design to reality is an outstanding product, I am confident that while driving with this device there be a huge advantage of having a heads up display, allowing me to keep my focus on the road ahead.

Thank you Andrew and LIVEMAP team.

Kind Regards

Feedback from a customer: thanks, Emmanuel!

May 06, 2014

Hi all.

Here is a feedback from the customer who placed another preorder:

A few years ago I took my motorbike driving licence. This was my project for my 40th birthday. Since then I have been experimenting different systems to find my way while cruising around. Basically I have been looking for headup stand alone solution. Other projects like Skully or Nuviz were not exactly what I was after. Too expensive, requiring connection, not enough battery time, not ready for release,…. many great ideas not nothing really spot on. Until I found your project. High tech tailored made to my needs. Highly sophisticated to make my life easy. All in one.
And 1500 dollars is a bargain. I mean this is less 1100 Euros for a high end helmet plus navi. You get the innovation, r&d effort and the chance to have an exclusive product for free. The chance to get in touch with new interesting people is on top.
I cannot wait for my first ride withbthis helmet. And I am convinced that this product will be a massive sales success provided you fi d the appropriate distribution channel in EMEA. In any case you can trust on my support to make some positive noise around it.
Best Regards to you and the team from sunny Luxemburg,
Emmanuel Rault.

Thank you for your warm words, Emmanuel. We are trying hard!


Current status as per beginning of May 2014

May 06, 2014

It’s time to tell a couple of words about the current status.

Did we tell you that we decided to switch to the more comfortable flip-up scheme? Yes, we did.

Now we are busy building the pre-production prototype of the new optics – tiny and effective. It’s a quite new approach based on aspherical elements. Specs and drawings cannot be disclosed yet until the patent application is approved. Otherwise we will not be able to obtain the patent in the USA and Europe according to the law.

Next step in the middle of summer will be the complete testing and switching to making the tooling ready for production.

Yours, Livemap team.

At 4YFN (MWC 2014 Barcelona)

May 06, 2014

1606429 10152072256854215 330365328 o 300x225 At 4YFN (MWC 2014 Barcelona)

It was a great honor to have his Highness Prince Felipe de Borbón stop for a short conversation at Livemap stand at 4YFN in Barcelona.

¡Viva España!

Livemap helmet becomes flip-up and usual shape

January 09, 2014

Great news everyone. We kept updating our news but kept some info secret. Now it’s time to tell it.

livemap modular helmet 1024x768 Livemap helmet becomes flip up and usual shape

Our plan was to make a full face helmet of an unusual shape, a bit bulky because of all the stuff inside. But we kept researching. And now is the result of the hard work of our engineers: our optics is now small enough to fit a usual size and shape modular (or flip-up) helmet that will look and feel quite usual.

This means no problems with certification, usual weight distribution, good aerodynamic properties. And of course such type of helmet is much more comfortable to wear and use.

Hope you like this. Keep in touch.

Livemap team.

Livemap to have pitch at TechCrunch Hadrware BattleField/CES 2014 in Las Vegas

January 09, 2014

Learn the latest news – we along with 15 other projects we selected to have a pitch at TechCrunch booth at CES 2014 in Las Vegas for their Hardware Battlefield.

Check the article by Anthony Ha at TechCrunch web site

Unfortunately we didn’t succeed in winning the prize because do not have the serial product yet but we are extremely happy and proud to be a part of the show and to meet people from the whole world. We also had a great opportunity to meet many of our partners in person and to introduce ourselves to a number of companies and people.