2014 Year’ result in R&D, news about finance injection.

Do you want heard news about our product?

Did we tell you that we decided to switch to the more comfortable flip-up scheme & said about it in TechCrunch Hardware battlefield CES 2014? Yes, we did.

All 2014 year we are busy building the pre-production prototype of the new optics – tiny and effective. It’s a quite new approach based on aspherical elements. Specs and drawings cannot be disclosed yet until the patent application is approved. Otherwise we will not be able to obtain the patent in the USA and Europe according to the law.

We make serial version in aspheric optics to minimize volume & weight (1st variant in the video reel & our public plans based on the spherical optics, and it’s answer why 1st variant integral helmet have unusual size). A single aspheric lens can often replace a much more complex multi-lens system. The resulting device is smaller and lighter, and sometimes cheaper than the multi-lens design.

You can read about this in 2 links

Aspheric optics it’s very hard work in calculation & a lot of work to start mass production. I understand is hard to understanding & i have short example to show it – Many objectives Nikon/Tamron/Canon/Zeiss have only 1-2 aspheric lenses in objectives and other 4-7 spherical, but in our serial product all lenses will be aspheric with with ultra precision characteristics .

The other hard task in this work, to control cost serial optics, in 2014 year we made 5 absolutely different new designs (a few hundreds implementations in Zemax) optic system & downgrade costs for serial optics from a few thousands $ to a few hundred $ at this moment, aspheric optics is not cheaper (ask google, about price for objectives with aspheric lenses) & make aspheric design with good/normal costs for mass-market is a little crazy hard task.

We prepared our serial product at 720p picop engine (in the 1st prototype, you can see it in the video-reel, we already use 848×480 picop eniges). It’s will be “Retina” projection system. New optic system have higher resolution (2.2X more pixels than previous prototype) & have 3 times brighter than previous well-known 1st prototype & at the same time have only 30% volume from 1st optic prototype.

In order to provide this specifications, we have broken the theoretical limits in Aspheric optics & downgrade costs to produce aspheric optics with ultra precision characteristics.

The work was carried out by two science institutes in Russia together with optical glass melt company from Japan and worldwide market leader in aspheric optics (company from USA). Total number of engineers and opticians who worked on this work was more than 20 people from different countries.

Received results of our work are disruptive innovation in the aspheric optics industry, thats is the answer why Russian Ministry of Science support us and give us grant in December, the amount of 300 000 USD for R&D and for building revolutionary aspheric prototype.

PS We will present pre-serial prototype in the Spring 2015.
We will start sales final helmets in the Summer 2015 in the 1st market USA.

Source about grant.
Official website Russian Ministry of Science.

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