Feedback from a customer: Anthony Gonzales about Livemap motohelmet.

Hello Andrew, LiveMap

Would like to share with you my thoughts and why I choose LiveMap Helmet.
Currently I PILOT an 06 Hayabusa and a 2012 1199 Penigale S with a KALI NAZA carbon fiber helmet.

Anthony Gonzales IMG_0783

Riding with confidence with the right gear on I am able to minimize the distractions and avoid the ignorance of people in their little four-wheel worlds who for brief moments are merging without looking, adjusting stereos, drinking coffee and texting, or putting on makeup. Being that I commute 120 miles a day every day, I want to know that I am safe to make a move that will get me the hell out the way or be able to protect me if it is unavoidable.

Why did I choose Livemap Helmet? Because I want to be IRON MAN! “WINK….”

I began reading about live map from the badass helmets store and my interest in the design and technology grew like a hunger. I continued to search reading and viewing videos over and over looking at other products and I kept going back to LiveMap. WOW! WOW! HELL YEAH! WOW!

LIVEMAP is ahead of anyone that is attempting this helmet design, and a Modular Helmet? WHAT! that’s Amazing very, very, very COOL. If JARVIS is going to be the voice of the directions that would be completely insane? HUGE SMILE.

#1 reason why I choose A livemap Helmet. “ Family” I love coming home seeing my Wife and kids and with Livemap I can have the sense of security knowing that with a voice command away I can get Home / or stop by a grocerie store for milk. love those 60 mile milk runs. Smile!

#2Reason: Knowing those years of thought dedication to detail to develop unparalleled tech advancement in the helmet market.

#3 Reason: Taking an Idea and creating a Safety feature that will minimize distractions and get fellow motorcyclist to their destination or home to their family.

The Livemap Helmet from design to reality is an outstanding product, I am confident that while driving with this device there be a huge advantage of having a heads up display, allowing me to keep my focus on the road ahead.

Thank you Andrew and LIVEMAP team.

Kind Regards

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