Feedback from a customer: thanks, Emmanuel!

Hi all.

Here is a feedback from the customer who placed another preorder:

A few years ago I took my motorbike driving licence. This was my project for my 40th birthday. Since then I have been experimenting different systems to find my way while cruising around. Basically I have been looking for headup stand alone solution. Other projects like Skully or Nuviz were not exactly what I was after. Too expensive, requiring connection, not enough battery time, not ready for release,…. many great ideas not nothing really spot on. Until I found your project. High tech tailored made to my needs. Highly sophisticated to make my life easy. All in one.
And 1500 dollars is a bargain. I mean this is less 1100 Euros for a high end helmet plus navi. You get the innovation, r&d effort and the chance to have an exclusive product for free. The chance to get in touch with new interesting people is on top.
I cannot wait for my first ride withbthis helmet. And I am convinced that this product will be a massive sales success provided you fi d the appropriate distribution channel in EMEA. In any case you can trust on my support to make some positive noise around it.
Best Regards to you and the team from sunny Luxemburg,
Emmanuel Rault.

Thank you for your warm words, Emmanuel. We are trying hard!

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