Hi all IndieGoGoers

Unfortunately we didn’t succeed in raising the target amount of funds, but got good feedback and lots of PR.

We received a lot of messages from people saying that our idea is really cool but they do not dare to pay $1500 now, when the project is in prototypes stage and prefer to wait for a $2000 stock helmet.

We have only to continue following our way, we hope for the venture funds support. To get it we are going to visit the TechCruhch Disrupt exhibition in the USA in September. By the way here is the link http://startupalley.techcrunch.com  – we are already there – and we will attend Startup Alley on Monday and Hardware Alley on Wednesday with our stand.

We also decided to make a small press promo tours in the USA, you can register for it and look at the prototypes in New York (6 September), San Francisco (8 September) and Los Angeles (21 September):




http://livemapla.eventbrite.com/Last but not least – all donators who claimed their perks, from posters to helmet pre-orders, will receive them as soon as possible.

Yours truly, Livemap team.

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