Livemap startup brings first European demo of its AR helmet with HUD to the InterMOT 2018 in Cologne


  • Livemap startup brings first European demo of its AR helmet with HUD to the InterMOT 2018 in Cologne, Germany
  • Livemap CEO, R&D and Business Development in talks with media and potential distribution partners about the helmet launch plans for 2019
  • Pre-orders are available for motorcycle riders at InterMOT 2018 exhibition, Hall 6 Livamep stand A-045

Cologne (Germany), 01 October 2018: Livemap, the Silicon Valley innovation start-up and leader in the HUD technology for motorcycle riders that allows AR navigation projection directly on the motorcycle helmets’ visor is showcasing its helmet prototype to German and European motorcycle industry during the InterMOT 2018 show in Cologne, Germany, Hall 6, stand A-045.

The Livemaps’ helmet with an innovative projection technology patented in 2012 has been in the R&D stage since 2013, international team of unique engineers and physics has gone through the series of prototypes and technological improvements so allow for the comfortable projection of AR navigation maps directly on the visor of the helmet with safer focus distance of around 20 meters, which is natural for the motorcycle riders’ eyes and does allow full focus on the road while riding.

“We are excited to bring our technology to one of the major European motorcycle industry events in 2018 in Cologne, Germany, and we are confident that both trade partners and motorcycle enthusiasts from European Union will appreciate the upcoming enhancement of the motorcycle riding with AR technology and HUD solutions, so that the world of motorcycles can evolve into a more comfortable, safer and modern riding experience,” says Andrew Artischev, the CEO and Head of R&D at Livemap. “We are joining the scientists and investors around the world in support for the AR technology development and application to the lives of millions of people in various market segments and we look forward to offer our revolutionary motorcycle riding experience to more than 20 mln of motorcycle owners in Europe and beyond.”



About Livemap


Livemap is the San Francisco based innovation start-up that has taken an inspiration from the US military fighter jet pilots and the HUD solutions used in pilots’ helmets to bring the HUD benefits to the motorcycle riders around the world and improve riders experience with navigation, communication and safety matters by building on the exploding capabilities of AR – the Augmented Reality.

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