Meet Jamie Culwell, Who Will Be One of the First Owners of Livemap Helmet

MyBikes 1024x546 Meet Jamie Culwell, Who Will Be One of the First Owners of Livemap Helmet

Hi, guys, meet Jamie Culwell who placed a preorder and kindly agreed to write a couple of words about why he liked the project.

I attached pic is of my most recent motorcycle on the left (yellow/black 2008 R6) and the first motorcycle I purchased on the right (blue/white 2008 Suzuki GSF)

I am a motorcycle owner and enthusiast, I like both cruisers and sport bikes. I have wished for a heads up display device or something that was integrated into the helmet, that also included Bluetooth. It would be so nice to not have to look down at a GPS or a map in the outer sleeve of your tank bag. To not have to look down for the time, or at your cell without pulling over.

When I first watched the videos of livemap I was very excited to see that such a product was in the works that meets and/or exceeds those needs. I love gadgets too, being an IT guy, so having Navigation, weather updates, camera/video recording option, Bluetooth synced information, and other information in one wearable device on the motorcycle makes it even better!

I always try to support the small businesses rather than the big corporations who already see massive profits. Small businesses provide more personalized service and get to know the customer.

I believe in Livemap’s idea/product, and I believe there is a market for the finished product. I hope to see the livemap helmet make it to full fruition, so I pre-ordered\donated and hope others will too.

Ride safe, and ride often.

Thank You,

Jamie Culwell

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