Official answer to the question about copy-cats Nuviz & Skully.

The 1-st answer, about clone Skully AR1.

In many interviews the CEO, Markus, said, that he is the innovator & invented the idea of the 1st Heads Up Display for bikers. This isn’t true…Markus invented the Skully AR1 product, after he watched our 1st demo-video. If you need confirmation, you can check when the domain names Skully, Livemap, the Facebook groups and the patents were registered and see the difference of many years

Creation Date: 2009-05-14

Creation Date: 02-may-2014

YouTube channel:Livemap
Creation Date:16-April-2013

YouTube channel:Skully
Creation Date: 16-August-2013

1st video Reel Livemap
Public 10 June 2013

1st video reel  Skully helmet
Public 17 October 2013

What do you think of a CEO, who lies everyday in different interviews? Is it normal business practice?  If it’s normal for him to lie, non-stop, to different journalists, maybe other areas should be examined too?

We believe that it’s a vaporware product based on the part of Google Glass. In the computer industry, vaporware is a product, typically computer hardware or software, that is announced to the general public but is never actually manufactured nor officially cancelled.

This product doesn’t have any perspective, because it’s only part of Google Glass & nothing else. The product called Skully AR1 is, simply speaking, like Google Glass put into a helmet. With all its disadvantages like a tiny screen, low saturation, contrast and resolution.


Skully helmet compared with Google glass in blue color. Did you see the difference? No – it’s only part of google glass.

It is also positioned in a way you have to alternately focus your eye between the road and the tiny screen. But refocussing is dangerous – you can’t see the road at this moment & your eyes working unnecessarily hard.

Skuly helmet need refocus

Do you need confirmation? Look this! This photo from Gizmodo Article about Skully.

The size of screen makes the whole idea of augmented reality impossible. We considered, in 2008, the idea of having a small screen in front of a user’s eye but put the idea aside because we thought it unsafe to have a lens or a screen so close to your face. It could hurt your eye in an accident.

We, on the contrary, beam the image right onto the visor and it has better resolution, lightness, saturation and overall image quality. Please see attached slide.


In the upper part, you can see old generations with micro displays. It’s not safe! It’s dangerous! In case of an accident, a micro display (including the Skully helmet concept) can damage your eye !

IF you love your eyes, think about it…

Below you can see the F35 helmet with projection on the visor. Our motorhelmet is based on the same principle, without micro display. Projection it’s the only right solution!


And there is still a need to shift your focus to the interface on micro display  from the road (which is also unsafe!). Yeah, it’s google glass work & Skully helmet.



Our system is completely safe (without any micro displays in front of your eyes) and enables you to see both the interface and the road equally clearly

If anyone is still confused by a true HUD and the Skully version, here is an independent article about HUD in BMW cars, follow this link: Here This endorses our belief that HUD is the way forward!

About the rear-view camera Skully helmet. We abandoned the rear-view camera. People don’t need it. Why? Bikes have rear-view mirrors, and bike-riders use them and are used to them. We don’t think there is any benefit in re-training them to look at a smaller image instead. But, many incidents bikers have incidents on the road at front, that’s the reason why you need a camera at the front, not the rear.

2-nd answer about next copy-cat Nuviz.


It’s one way to kill the aerodynamics of a helmet if you will attach this device to the shell your helmet.

It WILL add buffeting, the helmet is no longer symmetrical, airflow will be uneven.

We told about it in different interviews, again and again. But people, geeks & journalists didn’t want to understand the logic, but after 1 year… the company has already failed.

(The second clone closed it’s business & refunded cash to customers…because high-tech business in hardware area is not the Field of Dreams, PR without the real product and real R&D work will always fail. We believe that the Scully team will be fail in the near future too).

Hello Backers,

Thank you for all of the positive feedback on our last update – we are genuinely moved by your continued support!

We are also grateful for the offers to hold onto your contributions, however, to avoid an administrative nightmare we have decided to reimburse the pledge amount for all Ride:HUDs at this point. The t-shirt’s you already received as part of your Ride:HUD pledge are on us.

Many of you had questions about the reimbursements process, so we wanted to clarify:

Amazon is legally required to refund the same credit card the backer used to place the order. Unfortunately they cannot refund any other cards.
If you still have that card no further action is required.
If your card has expired Amazon will refund the money to the issuing bank of that card.
If you have a new card with the same bank, your bank usually automatically reimburses the new card. If you no longer have an account with that bank, generally the bank will send you a check. In either of these circumstances Amazon recommends contacting your bank to make sure you receive the funds.
We know this process may be a little cumbersome for those of you who don’t have the same card anymore, but unfortunately it’s the only way for Amazon to get your money back to you.

Thank you for your understanding and please don’t hesitate to email us directly with any questions.

Your NUVIZ Team.

Source – KickStarter update.

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