Specialized helmet or Google Glass app?

Why a specialized helmet? Just create a Google Glass app.

Wearing glasses under a helmet that fits your head well is not comfortable. Even usual glasses with thin temples. As you probably know Google Glass’ right temple is very big as it contains batteries and electronics. Thus it will be not comfortable (of possible at all) to wear GG under a helmet. More than that we consider any object placed in front of your eye unsafe while riding.
Another point is that our helmet is going to be an independent device that doesn’t require a smartphone to work with.

A better solution would be is to replace Google Glass tiny screen with a larger one then you can use it on your favorite helmet without having to pay $2000 and you get everything that Google Glass has to offer!

We can hardly imagine how our customer will replace GG screen with a bigger one. Do you mean a kit for GG upgrade by a customer? We a developing an end-user product, ready for use as is. Should we buy GGs and upgrade them ourselves, and then sell them?
Another idea I want to share with you as a person who wears glasses. If you wear a full-face helmet, putting it on looks like the following: take your glasses off – put your helmet on – open the visor – put your glasses on – close the visor. If you want to put off your helmet, you do the same in the reverse direction. Do you want to do it some times a day? I hardly believe in it.
We are also frequently asked another question – why not to make a module that any one can use in his favorite helmet? Now imagine an optics module that needs definite space (and that has not to touch your head, thus should be placed inside the foam), main board and batteries. Will you find a place in your usual helmet that fits tightly and hardly lets you put your finger between it and your head? Say nothing about the visor that should have a special shape to be used as a projection surface.

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