Why is the price $2.000? Isn’t it too high?

If you make a comparison with the price of a good helmet (whatever that means, it’s a matter of personal taste), then add the price of a communication unit (for Internet connection and downloading of essential info like traffic, POI, weather etc. – supposed hardware specifications are going to be as good as of current high-end Android smartphones), and a price of a good GPS along with its mounting kit, the price adds up.

This is all integral, all for one price and the helmet will be made out of carbon fiber, as opposed to polycarbonate.

When the products are compared like-for-like, the price isn’t quite as daunting. It seems steep at first glance.

Do not forget that we are planning to add Bluetooth headset functionality and a high-resolution camera if we raise enough money. Then add a price of a headset and an action camera (with projection optics like that used in reflex cameras and with 13 mpx resolution) and compare the result with just $2000 for an integrated device.

We think, it’s a good deal!

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