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LiveMap story

Eight years ago Andrew Artishchev engaged in the integration of audio and video plugins to the major websites in Spirit DSP company. In 2008 he came to the conference icamp. There Andrew first heard about what augmented reality is. One of its examples — aviation helmets for military pilots. Andrew Artishchev thought that augmented reality has been already created for motorcyclists and wanted to test this helmet.

"Back in my days, when I was a biker, I understood the need to navigate, safely with Augmented reality. Aviation helmets will not be found in the open market as they are military equipment, and motorcycle helmets with augmented reality should be on sale because I was sure that these helmets already existed - the idea is obvious!

To my suprise when I visited a motorbike shop in Moscow, the sales staff there did not even understand what I was saying - "Where are the helmets, with navigation and projection using augmented reality?"

"What is augmented reality? First I heard about all this" was the response! I tried to look for a helmet with augmented reality on the Internet and I have not found any mention of this product, not found in English (then I thought the world) not in Chinese, and even Japanese. I thought that if it's not created in the United States and China, the country's Robots and aliens - Japan must have these helmets.

Then there were several grants from the state of Russia - from Fund of assistance to development of small business in scientific-technical sphere, from the Department of industry of Moscow city, "SKOLKOVO" Fund and Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The government does not give money without private co-funding, so that amount equal to the grants Andrew invested himself, from his personal savings, personal loans and revenues from another of his projects - an electronic posture corrector "Posture Master" (a very popular gadget in Russi, which has sold around 30,000 pieces and started, in 2015, being exported to Australia, Israel and the European Union).

History of the helmet project is amazing and worthy of adaptation to film, after Andrew Artishchev presented the project Livemap in 2013 on Youtube (the video has gathered more than 800 000 views and resounding success in the press) and at the TechCrunch startup alley San Francisco conference - guys from Silicon Valley decided to copy the idea, in the valley appeared startups Skully and Nuviz, and even BMW has decided to release a smart motohelmet. A few years later in July 2016 it turned out that Skully was a scam, ponzi-scheme where the money of backers which preordered helmets and investors gathered and spent on luxury life of the founders, on vacation in Hawaii, strip clubs, sport cars and sportbikes. Nuviz was not able to make even the prototypes, not departing from his presentation of 3D graphics which was presented on Kickstarter. As for BMW - they decided to make a helmet with partnership with DigiLens firm, with the placement of optics over head which is prohibited by the certification requirements and went from the distance.

This "nut" in the form of helmet was too hard for startups from silicon valley and large BMW corporation. After 3 years Andrew Artishchev was the only player in the subject, becoming a monopolist on the potential market. However, Andrew did not waste time and released the world's first helmet with projection optics in chinpart and full color HUD (all aviation fighter helmet with optic over head and monocolor), successfully presented it in summer of 2016 on the following resources: Jalopnik, Digital trends, Outside magazine.

Why Andrew continues to push forward and achieve success by showing good traction when other projects fail and shut down? The secret of success is perseverance of the Livemap founder and the rule of 10 000 hours - over 8 years Andrew has made a number of prototypes and have gained expertise in the field of projection systems, augmented reality surpassing 10,000 hours.